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Ice Fishing on Thomas Pond

by Steve Orach, Gorham, Maine.

Thomas Pond is listed as having 442 acres with a maximum depth of 64 feet. There are some
real good spring holes and places where there is a strong current- so make sure you are fishing on safe ice. Take some time and test the ice in the area you plan to fish.

Make sure you are dressed warmly. I like to carry some "Hot Hand" packets with me for
my hands. There is a lot of snowmobile and ATV activity in certain areas. If you like
to fish, you will want to avoid these heavily traveled paths. Fish don't like all that noise.

If you see other fishermen, give them plenty of room to fish. Everyone likes a visit - but don't appreciate someone setting up too close. Don't throw your cigarette butts on the ice, the filters are not food for fish stomachs.

I generally use light leaders and not too much weight but everyone has their own preferences. I usually use minnows hooked through the back or the upper lip.

If you want a lot of action, try for pickerel. You can get some nice pickerel here. A 24" one weighs 4 lbs. and a 26" one will weigh 5 lbs. They are a lot of fun to catch and some are really big. I usually don't plan to keep pickerel.

There are also yellow perch and white perch in the lake. I like to catch and eat white perch. You have to fish deeper for them. I occasionally catch 14" or 15" white perch but they are generally smaller.

Bass are nice and fat and grow to a good size. Both small mouth and large mouth bass do well here. During the winter, you can keep one bass 12" or larger. I usually like to have them at least 16" long since they seem to get quite a bit heavier from 12" to 16". A 20" largemouth will be from 3 1/2 to 4lbs., and I was lucky enough to get a 22" one that weighed 6 lbs. last winter! (see photo)

Brook trout are stocked here and these I catch are usually 12 to 14 inches, but are not too numerous. The brown trout do well and feed closer to the bottom. They have to be 12" long. I caught a few good ones last year. The biggest was 21" long and weighed 4 lbs.

There are also landlocked salmon in the lake. These have to be at least 14" long They are not too plentiful and it is a real treat to catch them!

It is easy to confuse the salmon and brown trout in this pond. Brown trout have a square tail and a double row of middle teeth in their upper mouth. The salmon tend to have a single row of middle teeth in their upper mouth and have a forked tail. I usually settle for using the 14" size limit for both salmon and brown trout.

Plan to cut your leader and release the smaller fish as soon as you can. Hooks are cheap!

If you are not catching anything, try moving to another location. Relax, enjoy yourself, and leave your radio at home. Don't forget your Maine Fishing license. You can get it right here through Alyssas Motel web site.

Happy Fishing!

22" 6 lb. large mouth bass - 16" around!
22 inches, six pounds, Large Mouth Bass - 16 inches around




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