Alyssa's Hotel on Thomas Pond in the Heart of the Sebago Lakes Region

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Thomas Pond

Alyssas's Motel overlooks idyllic Thomas Pond.
"Our Pond" is wonderful for family boating & fishing.

Free use of canoe and paddleboat on 442 acre crystal clear Thomas Pond. The waterfront is only steps away from
every guest room, our spacious lawn is gently sloping, and nicely grassed, so the waterfront is easily accessible to all.
We encourage guests to sit in our chairs by the waterfront, or stroll out onto our dock, and enjoy the Lakes Region at its finest!

  Canoeing on Thomas Pond


Max Depth (feet) Avg Depth (feet) Avg Clarity (feet--secchi disc readings)
Bay of Naples 44 14 23
Coffee Pond 70 32 26
Crescent Lake 54 17 20
Crystal Pond 65 33 16
Dry Pond 59 25 23
Forest Lake 38 12 16
Highland Lake 67 19 16
Ingalls Pond 28 17 20
Little Sebago Lake 52 16 13
Long Lake 59 23 19
Moose Pond 70 22 23
Panther Pond 68 26 26
Parker Pond 19 10 16
Peabody Pond 64 32 25
Pleasant Lake 62 29 26
Raymond Pond 42 14 23
Sabbathday Pond 68 24 23
Sebago Lake 316 95 32
Thomas Pond 64 22 20
Thompson Lake 121 35 29
Trickey Pond 57 33 32
Watchic Pond 41 18 20

Thomas Pond Info (from the Maine Department of Fisheries and Wildlife):


  • Chain pickerel
  • Landlocked Salmon
  • Minnows
  • Brook Trout
  • White sucker
  • Rainbow smelt
  • Hornpout (bullhead)
  • Smallmouth Bass
  • Pumpkinseed sunfish
  • Largemouth Bass
  • Redbreast Sunfish
  • White Perch
  • American eel
  • Yellow Perch

Physical Characteristics

Area - 442 acres
Temperatures: surface = 78 degrees F
Maximum Depth = 64 feet 
At 60 feet = 51 degrees F 


Principal fishery: Brook trout, landlocked salmon, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass,  chain pickerel, and white perch.

Thomas Pond is well suited for both coldwater and warmwater fisheries management. Shallow weedy coves, rocky shorelines, and a large forage base provide the necessary requirements to support a quality bass and pickerel fishery.

In addition, the pond has enough cold well-oxygynated water to support a good trout and salmon population. Smelts provide a forage base for the salmon. An abundant white perch population provides competition for both the trout and the bass, however, the large average size of the perch attracts many anglers to the pond.

The outlet of Thomas Pond drains directly into Sebago Lake, therefore, any fish stocked in Thomas Pond have the potential to drop down into Sebago. Consequently, the brown trout management program was discontinued many years ago in order to reduce potential conflicts with Sebago's landlocked salmon.

The public access to Thomas Pond is located near the outlet on RT. 302 at the Raymond Casco town line. Access is limited to small boats due to low clearance under the Rt. 302 bridge. It is necessary to travel upstream in order to reach the main lake.

Liberal regulations are in effect on bass. General law regulations apply on all other species both summer and winter.   

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